The Ensemble EST!

EST! strive to reproduce the sound and playing culture of the late Middle Ages at its finest. To this end they have traced the multifarious forms and colours found in the written and improvised music of the period and studied both the sources and their intellectual and historical context. This has enabled them as musicians of the late 20th century to bring medieval music back to life.

Ensemble EST!

Ensemble EST!

The quest for this last European Gesamtkultur of the 14th and 15th centuries calls not only for meticulous musical archeology but also the courage to essay new, if hypothetical, paths and solutions. Unearthing the musical parameters of the late Middle Ages, its playing techniques and improvisational models, its intonation systems and its acoustic livery, as well as developing an adequate instrumentarium, represents for EST! a creative and exciting undertaking.

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Monika Mauch - vocals

Irmgard Maria Tutschek - recorder

Sabine Kreutzberger - vielle

Andrea Kaltenecker - psaltery

Walter Waidosch - citole, vielle, vihuela

Mike Turnbull - percussion

Stefan Baier - organetto

Cantorey Heiligenberg: Susanne Mühlthaler, Elisabeth und Teresa Klenk, Konstanze Waidosch, Friedemann Brennecke, David Röhrig, Leopold Waidosch, Stuart Moss, Elias Horsch


Sebastian Flaig - percussion (2. Sanctus - Mediolano)

David Kuckhermann - percussion (11. Un fior gentil)

Bernhard Reichel - lute (5. Celi solem sequitur)

Friedrich Glorian - tanpura

EST! was a project of Irmgard Maria Tutschek and Walter Waidosch.

This CD is dedicated to Irmgard Maria Tutschek, who passed away on 27 May 2016.

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